The Mobile Messaging Revolution


Brits and Americans today agree on mobile messaging In 1775, the United States and England were facing off in the Revolutionary War, but as July 4th approaches this year, Americans and Brits agree when it comes to their requirements for mobile … Continue reading social messaging app

Is the death of SMS greatly exaggerated?


Telecom TV Executive Insight: The death of greatly exaggerated?

Watch Simon Dumbleton VP of Business Strategic Development at , discuss his views about the exaggerated reports of the demise of SMS with Telecom TV. While SMS may eventually be phased out in the long term, the key he believes, is to avoid sudden and catastrophic expiry due to OTT competition. How? Bundle simple messaging withiin a package and then evolve richer messaging services like Joyn that will hold customers’ attention.

Telefonica Digital taking OTT to the extreme?


While Vodafone is putting some of its money on RCS as a network based rich services platform with open APIs to enable premium content and service developers (see this blog’s post on Vodafone’s recent investment in Jibe Mobile), Telefonica Digital (Telefonica … Continue reading