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Brits and Americans today agree on mobile messaging mobile text marketing

In 1775, the United States and England were facing off in the , but as July 4th approaches this year, Americans and Brits agree when it comes to their requirements for mobile messaging – and that means new opportunities for mobile operators.

According to our research, more than three-quarters of users across both markets want a single messaging service that can reach everyone, and will allow messages to appear on any device in order to continue conversations any time, day or night. This is significant as the US and UK represent two of the most mature markets in Smartphone and IM usage, and are regarded as benchmarks for other regions.

There are also transatlantic similarities when it comes to dependence on multiple messaging channels among US and UK Smartphone users – again around 75 percent of users in both markets are turning to a mix of SMS, MMS and IM/over-the-top (OTT) applications to fulfill their messaging needs.

This trend, where today’s consumers are messaging more over a number of different platforms and via multiple devices is a global phenomenon. While SMS remains an essential communication tool in both regions, US and UK users claimed they prefer OTT messaging services over SMS because of speed. Acision’s research also indicated that 62 percent of users were in favour of a messaging service which allowed them to receive a message on any device, with a further 44 percent confirming that a presence feature, capable of directing notifications to the device in use, are attractive concepts.

It is clear that the former Revolutionary War combatants are on the same side when it comes to mobile messaging, with users in both markets calling for better integrated messaging services.

This modern day mobile messaging revolution represents a major opportunity for network operators, who are poised to emerge as the big winners if they manage this change in consumer demand to their advantage.  For only they have the ability to offer the ubiquity of service their customers are demanding. By providing rich messaging solutions based on (RCS), operators can evolve their existing messaging services to meet the changing needs of their customers, while creating rich, quality messaging service features, with universal reach.

In this new messaging revolution, both Brits and Americans can celebrate Messaging Independence Day!

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