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Romance isn’t dead, it’s just more convenient!mobile marketing agency

provides the ideal opportunity to declare love to someone special. With over 264 million mobile users in Brazil alone (according to ), Acision commissioned a quick, fun sample survey in the region, to explore how the impact of mobile messaging is affecting our personal lives – and especially how we use it in our love lives.

Almost 60% of those surveyed said that sending a mobile message is their preferred way to wish loved ones a Happy Valentines over posting a traditional greetings card. In line with this, over 30% of respondents said they have used text messaging to declare their love to a new partner for the first time, rather than in person. Does this mean we are becoming less romantic or are we just using the most convenient and efficient method?  With mobile messaging the most common way to reach our friends and loved ones today, our survey suggests it is also the most relevant and direct route of communication to declare our love.

We also questioned how many people they were planning to wish a Happy Valentines to via mobile messaging, which was perhaps surprisingly high with 13.63% admitting they will text two or more people on that day. However, what was more surprising is that as many as 73.54% of respondents admitted to lying to their partner via text message, demonstrating that we hide behind text when we want to hide something. We hope these two statistics aren’t connected!

When it comes to ending a relationship, it seems however, that the majority still believe in doing so in person, with just 13.64% saying they have ended a relationship via text message.

While some may think that using mobile messaging to share their love and Valentines wishes may diminish the romance, the convenience, accessibility and reach that mobile phones bring as the most personal and widely accepted communication tool, enables people to be more expressive overall to a wider group, whether to extended family, friends or loved ones.

So to all our Brazilian friends, Feliz Dia dos Namorados!

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