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With the release of ‘Facebook Home’ application, Facebook’s latest mobile play represents one of the more radical tweaks in mobile messaging to come from a major company in years. One of the game-changing features of this new app is its ability to receive SMS notifications within Facebook’s Chat Heads ‘Home’ messaging functionality, yet another indication that Facebook believes its future lies on the mobile phone rather than the desktop.For Facebook, this is a step to owning the smartphone experience of its users, putting messaging at the centre of this. While the app pulls together Facebook mail and chat messages with text messages into a consolidated conversation, such an application does not go the whole way to offering a truly cross-platform messaging service.mobile marketing campaigns

So while this is another step forward for the messaging ecosystem, there is still more opportunity to advance the messaging experience further. Our recent consumer research revealed that that 78% of participants surveyed are interested in an operator-led cross platform messaging service which would allow them to send SMS, MMS and IP messages from one single consolidated messaging app, which works across multiple devices and interworks across all messaging services and social network applications.  In comparison to mobile operators, Facebook is still relatively new to the mobile landscape. Today there is no single application, that meets all consumers messaging requirements across cost, rich features and service quality which works across any platform, any device at any time. Given the operator’s customer relationships, network infrastructure, ability to interwork across messaging platforms and control over quality of experience – mobile operators are well placed to offer a single rich, unified messaging service.

The opportunity for carriers is to launch one consolidated messaging app – via Rich Communication Services (RCS) or other rich messaging apps – which combines all the requirements consumers expect, and delivers a superior user experience.  This, in turn, strengthens customer loyalty and unlocks new revenue opportunities for operators by offering value add and premium services which can be monetised.

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