I just texted to say “I luv u” – 70% surveyed do! - marketing a mobile app

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)marketing a mobile app

As the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day provides an ideal opportunity to declare your love to someone special. To find out more about how US consumers use mobile messaging when it comes to romance, commissioned a quick sample survey on messaging behaviors. It seems that mobile messaging is playing more of a role in our personal lives as we express our feelings to loved ones, with 70% of those surveyed sending a message telling someone they love them.

A more playful side also came to light with 66% sending picture messages to their loved one, 60% admitting to having flirted via mobile messaging and 40% confessing to sending a “naughty” message to someone.

While sending cards to a loved one on Valentine’s Day is traditional, it seems that some of us are opting for more modern methods and are using mobile messaging to send a message to that special person, with over 48% surveyed saying they are more likely to send an SMS than a card this year.

The Valentine’s Day survey is the latest research commissioned by Acision aimed at spotlighting how mobile messaging is being used during different occasions. Last month, Acision announced the results of our that showed a huge spike in mobile messaging during that time of year, particularly picture messaging, and in 2012 the company released the findings of an extensive study that spotlighted the texting habits of men and women.

So how will you express your love this Valentines?

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