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So yesterday we launched our messaging blog ‘The Art of Messaging’, while celebrating texting turning twenty! Today, we will focus a little more on how text revolutionised mobile communication and evolved our way of interacting.cheap sms gateway

So, a year after the first SMS was sent by Mr Papworth, wishing colleagues a ‘Merry Christmas’,  the first commercial deployment of a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) was deployed at Telia (now TeliaSonera) in Sweden.  The SMSC was deployed by Aldiscon,  now known as Acision, and texting was born as a true customer service, marketed to the masses!

Uptake was slow at first – initiating in Europe – and it was only at the turn of the century that SMS became a truly significant, global service.  Adopted by a complete generation, text became a dominant force for communicating using a whole spectrum of interaction:

  • from casual interaction (“I am late”, “I am bored” or “what shall we do”)
  • to making and breaking relationships (“I luv u x” or “it’s over”)
  • while sending chat acronyms and emoticons  (LOL, L8TRZ and :-) )
  • and even appropriate for business interaction(“It was a pleasure meeting you” or “Let’s discuss our proposal over lunch today”).

Today, SMS is a part of daily life for the majority of mobile device owners, with over 5 billion users around the globe generating more than 7 trillion messages annually, with forecast stating it will grow to 9 trillion this year (Portio Research). Also governments and enterprises have discovered SMS as a vehicle for reaching their audiences.

  • Since the first large-scale interactive SMS voting services around the American Idol tv show in 2003, voting and text to win services have been part of the standard marketing gear for brands worldwide.
  • Premium SMS shortcodes have proven a very effective method of ordering content such as ringtones and wallpapers and paying for it through the mobile phone bill, leveraging the operator’s billing relationship with its consumers.
  • In 2011, SMS charity text donations raised £45 million just in the UK (SOURCE – PHONEPAYPLUS 2/05/2012).
  • Governments in developing nations have embraced SMS to bring information and education to the people, who may have limited access to Personal Computers and television, let alone smartphones, but more so to mobile telephones with SMS capabilities.
  • During recent governmental elections  in the US, campaigners capitalised on SMS by sending specific demographic targeted text messages, directing citizens to rallies, asking them to make donations and encouraging them to vote – a great mechanism to engage with voters.

These are just a few examples of the true power of text! So what more does SMS have to offer that has made it such a universal phenomenon?  Well we can’t give it all that away in our second blog so stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Happy texting!

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